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Welcome to Fantastic Frenchies. We are here to help you with adopting your new french bulldog puppy. We specialize in Superior bred French Bulldogs. We having been helping happy puppies find great families for over 30 years. French Bulldogs are an unique breed it is very important that you find a healthy puppy as well as an experience breeder who will always be there to answer all the questions you may have. We have some of the most rare colored french bulldogs.

When you are looking for a french bulldog for sale there are some important things to look for. Not all French Bulldog puppies have been brought up the same way. Our French Bulldog puppies are brought up in a loving environment where they are raised around children and other animals.

French Bulldogs have a very loving nature. They love to cuddle and love attention. They shed very little and are very smart. They are very easy to house train and puppies come paper trained. French bulldogs don’t have the skin problems English Bulldogs do. They also have better overall temperaments than American Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs are thought to be more of a royalty breed. The champion bloodlines are very rare and in high demand. French Bulldogs have some very rare colors that are very difficult to find. We have these extremely rare colors and allow people to be added to a waiting list.

French Bulldogs are very smart. They can be taught tricks like how to sit for a treat , to roll, and many other tricks. They love to be taking to the park and to go on walks in the park.

French Bulldogs are indoors pets. Make sure that you can provide a proper housing for them. They can’t stay out too long in extremely hot weather or in cold weather. They adjust well to apartments, homes, Condos, or ranches.

We are located in Utah however most people that adopt our puppies are in different states. All puppies are hand delivered to their new adopted families at an airport near them. We take care of everything! We have french bulldog puppy kits that come with every adopted puppy.

Now is the time to pick out the perfect puppy for your family! We call everyone of the puppies by name but if you have a different name in mind let us know and we will start calling the puppy by that name so it will start getting use to it in time for your first meeting.

Most our French Bulldogs are bred to be micro so that they are smaller than your average french bulldog. The small size is highly desired.

You are welcome to adopt any of the available puppies. If you have a certain look you are looking for please fill out our contact form.

If you have any questions please give Karen a call.

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