French Bulldogs for adoption

French bulldogs have got in trend as a companion for the reason of their loyalty as a pet. They have smaller size and cheerful nature due to which people love them to keep them in their homes. The appearance of French bulldog doesn’t give scary feel. Instead, they are cute elements with lovely personality traits.

The average size of a French bulldog might be 12-16 inches. Some of them are really small in size and light weight in comparison to their English and American ancestors. You need to understand about the temperament of these dogs and the pros and cons to be undertaken in mind, if you are planning to purchase them.

Some of the positive and negative points about French bulldog temperaments are given below. Like human beings, dogs also have their own temperaments, but the general trends might be similar for most of the cases.


French bulldogs are intelligent dogs and understand the instructions from their masters very quickly. They are great companions and amazing watchdogs. They don’t have heavy barking sound and also, won’t bark too much. They generally have a good temper and enjoy playing with toys or other pets at home. These lovable creatures are playful and require affection from the family. They will require your time and of course, playing with them would be joyous for you as well.


French bulldogs are stubborn and hard to treat at times. If they are not given proper training or time, they become aggressive. They might suffer from digestive troubles and snoring while sleeping, but these things are due to the shape of their face. These bulldogs are poor in swimming as they can’t breathe out properly out of water. They have a lot of troubles during delivery and most of the Frenchie females reproduce by c-section.

It depends on the owner to make the decision to take care of the French bulldog and raising them with proper care by looking at pros and cons in depth.


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