French Bulldog Puppies for sale in California

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French Bulldog Puppies for sale in California

Looking for great, well socialized French bulldog puppies for sale in California? Welcome to, one of the most respected French bulldog breeders in California with a great collection of healthy Frenchies that are just waiting for a loving home to accommodate them. Our Frenchies are of good pedigree, coming from a great bloodline and with perfect temperament. We also offer customers a great variety of colors to choose from, ensuring they find the Frenchies that they are actually looking for.

With our lifetime support, we will ensure that your new tiny companion settles smoothly into its new environment. So why are these pets loved so much? Why are they amongst the most preferred in America? Why do you see them in all the movies and sitcoms or in your favorite dog friendly restaurant? With our years of breeding French bulldogs, and our deep love for our Frenchies, we can certainly provide you with some answers and help you in getting your fantastic French bulldog puppy for your Californian home.
French bulldogs have been a popular fixation and very much the stars in the pet planet. They love a great deal of company, so if you are looking for a pet that you can lock up in a kernel and go about your business, then you are probably looking in the wrong place. French bulldogs are companion pets and you can sit with them in your sofa, your bed or your car as you go about your daily life. They also love playing with kids and with their clownish nature; your kids will certainly love playing with them.
They have a great deal of loyalty but do not put them through tenuous exercises. Short walks are generally highly recommended because they have problems breathing. You can take them to your favorite dog park but avoid pools as they are not very good swimmers due to their body shapes. Many dogs might not like them due to their flat faces but they are perfect with people. French bulldogs don’t generally bark although they might bark when uncomfortable or in order to protect you.

Frenchies are very intelligent dogs, which is another reason why they are much loved by many pet owners. They learn lots of tricks fairly fast. They will become overly possessive of you within a short time after you have established your friendship and companionship. You will also appreciate the great deal of love and loyalty that you will get from these fantastic pets.’s careful and high quality of breeding means that you can get Frenchies that will live long, typically 12 to 14 years. If you are getting one of our Fantastic Frenchies, you must be prepared for some long term commitment.
Our Frenchies are true French bull dogs with a small compact build, flat face, tough sturdy bones, big heads and an excellent temperament. They also come in a rich array of colors to meet every prospective pet owner’s preferences including black, cream, black and white, black and tan, cream, fawns, fawn pieds, black brindle, honey pieds, red pieds and much more.
Visit our page on available French bulldog puppies for sale in CA and choose your darling Frenchies. Our shipping service top quality and will deliver your newest companion to your home in CA in top form.

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