French Bulldogs for sale in Florida

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French Bulldogs for sale in Florida

Looking for a greater French bulldog breeder in Florida, welcome to We are one of the most respected and trusted breeders and sellers of Frenchies in Florida. We supply thousands of families with some of the prettiest French bulldogs in the Sunshine state and at great prices. If you are looking for French bulldog puppies for sale in FL and at great prices, email us or give us a call and you will get the best information and tips on how you can take your pretty mini companion home. If you are wondering why the Frenchies are loved so much or contemplating adding one to your family soon, read on and learn why the Frenchies are our all time favorite pets.

The first reason we are in love with them is their level of devotion and companionship. They are the perfect companion pets with whom to share your life with. If you are looking for a pet that can sit quietly beside you and share a great movie with you or sleep in your bed, or take you to a restaurant or even shopping, then the Frenchies are for you. They have a great deal of loyalty and devotion towards their owners. If you are not ready to share your home with them or you are planning to lock them up in a kernel, then the Frenchies are definitely not for you. They rarely bark but will certainly bark to protect you. They are also very great with kids; they love kids and will play with them a lot. With their great deal of devotion and clownish character, your little kids will certainly revel in the presence of the Frenchies.

You will also love the French bulldogs for their great intelligence and the ease with which they learn new tricks. They can become overly possessive and are capable of a great deal of love. You can take them on short walks which they enjoy a lot. Due to their respiratory problems, avoid taking long walks or running with them. It often advisable to let them relax and rest a lot than take them on a strenuous activity like running up a hill. You must also take steps to keep them from extreme conditions like extreme cold or extreme heat. In summer, ensure they are indoors or in a lot of shade. In winter, you can keep them warm in the house. This is because their compact build means they cannot regulate their body temperature efficiently.

Keep them on a great and varied diet. Avoid feeding them on one type of food repeatedly as it bores them and might spoil their appetite. If possible, give them a once in a while treat at your favorite pet friendly restaurant to thank them for the happiness that they bring to your life. has a great breed of true Frenchies with their flat faces and small but compact build. Additionally, our breeds come in a rich array of colors including black and tan, black and white, fawns, fawn pieds, honey pieds, cream and much more.

Our page on available French bulldog puppies for sale in FL includes fantastic puppies that you can choose and add to your home. will organize the most professional and pet friendly travel arrangements to ensure your pet arrives in Florida in excellent condition and ready to begin its new life in your Florida home.

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