French bulldogs in Louisiana

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French bulldog puppies in Louisiana

On the lookout for some French bulldog puppies for sale in Louisiana? You need not look further as you can find all that you need in a Frenchie right here at We are one of the top breeders and sellers of French bulldog puppies in Louisiana. We sell very adorable puppies with great pedigree. Our French bulldog puppies are known for their good pedigree and great conformation and we have been shipping them to loving and adoring families over many years. We still have a great breed that is just looking for a great home to become a part of. Owning our puppies is more than just raising a pet, it is also about building  long term relationship with one of the most loving and devoted  pets that you can ever have anywhere.

So why should you acquire our Frenchies? What are the advantages of raising these beautiful pets in your home? Our puppy specialists have deep knowledge about these wonderful companions and will certainly give you the answers that you need on your way to owning one of our Frenchie puppies. French bulldogs have been a craze for over a century and still remain one of the most loveable pets in the US. They are very popular with many American families because they make great companion pets. This is the pet that can accompany you on your many errands. You can sit with them and enjoy quiet moments in your home. Whether you are watching a movie or just sitting in your bed, they will make for perfect companions. You will also love them because they are very good with kids and will make a devoted companion for your kid. They have a clownish and funny nature that you will just revel in.

The Frenchies are also quite intelligent. You will be able to show them lots of tricks that they can learn relatively fast.  Some of the things that you will need to take note of, include the various health complications that they have. The French bulldogs should not be subjected to very strenuous activity due to the fact that they might develop respiratory complications.

Frenchies are also not good at regulating their body temperatures. It is therefore advisable to keep them at tolerable conditions so as not to expose them to any health risks. During winter, you can buy them warm winter dog coats but don’t force it on them if they are not used to it. You can also ensure the inside of the house is well heated. Don’t however allow them to move too close to the fireplace to protect them from excessive heat.

It is also important to note that Frenchies are not good swimmers due to their body shapes-big square heads and small bodies. They however love a variety in their diets. Ensure you treat them to quality food in light proportions. Pet friendly restaurants can be perfect for them, where you can order some sumptuous dinner for them. These pets generally live for a very long time and will become your long term companions. has an awesome breed of Frenchies that come in many colors including black, white, cream, black and tan, fawns, honey pieds, black brindle and much more. Visit our page with the available French bulldog puppies for sale in Louisiana and you will find lots of adorable puppies that are just waiting for a loving home where they can establish lifelong relationships.

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