French bulldogs in Minnesota

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French bulldog puppies in Minnesota

Looking for French bulldogs for sale in Minnesota? Welcome to, the website for one of the top breeders of the Frenchies in MN. We have some good experience doing this and giving families some of the healthiest and prettiest pups in the US. Our breeding experience and knowledge means that visiting this website will give you some useful information about the various kinds of Frenchies available for sale. They are well socialized and have good pedigree and great conformation. Their personality is also awesome and that is why many families in Minnesota are coming to us looking for lifelong companions in our adorable Frenchies.

Frenchies are popular for many reasons, key amongst them is the fact that they make great companions.  They love human contact and are obviously not made for the kennel. They are meant to stay in your couch or bed. They are indoors pets, perfect for a home or apartment living. We also love them because they are perfect with kids. Our pet owners always give us feedback on how the Frenchies that they took from us made great companions for their kids.

Frenchies are also quite intelligent. You will have a much easier time house training them and teaching them new tricks. It only takes us a few days to potty litter box train them. Does that tell you something about our smart little pups? Give them light food but ensure there is great variety so that they are not easily bored. They are foodies, these little fantastic puppies; a visit to a dog friendly restaurant will be perfect for these canine companions.

When dealing with Frenchies, it is important to show some authority and leadership. Dogs always expect you to do that anyways.  Be stern and loving. Reward obedience and good behavior. For a perfect relationship with our Frenchies, some good human canine interaction and communication is very important. For example, do not show weaknesses as they may begin to develop some unwanted behavior, however well socialized they are. Just be firm and in control. You can take them to dog parks in the small dog area and ensure that they are under supervision. Keep them away from pools. They are always relatively clean and will not play make a mess of themselves.

Frenchies are usually very high maintenance dogs; after all they are not kennel dogs. Ensure that you have sufficiently budgeted for any eventualities as they are prone to certain infections based on genetics and their environment.  The conditions that affect them often are their joints, eyes and spinal cord. A regular visit to the vet will thus be necessary to ensure they are in perfect health. You can give them light exercises on a daily basis. Avoid strenuous exercises as they normally have respiratory problems. Excessive jumping and running is certainly not recommended. You must also ensure that they are kept from temperature extremes. During winter, you will need to keep them indoors or buy them a warm winter coat if you must go outside with them. In summer, they are at a risk of getting a heat stroke. This is because Frenchies are brachycephalic and their flat short muzzles do not make for efficient temperature regulation. You can buy them some cool coats to help them along in cooling off their bodies. has a great variety of Frenchies with lots of great colors including black, black and white, fawns, black and tan, fawn pieds, honey pieds, cream and much more. Visit our page with the available French bulldog puppies for sale in Minnesota. If you find one that you like, you can contact our friendly vet to take you through the buying process.




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