French bulldogs in mississippi

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French Bulldog Puppies for sale in Mississippi

Welcome to one of the best sites on the web for information about the Frenchies! If you are looking for more information about French bulldog puppies for sale in Mississippi or looking forward to learning more about the Frenchies, then will provide you with some of the best tips that you will ever find anywhere. We should know better. We have been breeding and selling happy Frenchie puppies to families not just in the Mississippi Delta but throughout the United States. Our quality of breeding is highly regarded, not just by the families to whom we send these fantastic furry companions but by breeders alike.

That is why you can always find happy puppies from us. They are well socialized and have great pedigree. Our happy pups will simply blend into your home; after all they have come from a safe pair of hands of one of the country’s top breeders. They are also quite healthy with perfect conformation.  Frenchies make perfect companions and are great for an indoors lifestyle. They are the perfect pets to stay with inside your apartment or home. They love human contact and are also good with the kids.

Frenchies are cute and intelligent. Training them is just a breeze. We should know better as one of the best French bulldog breeders in the US. It takes only a few days to potty train our little happy puppies. The temperament is perfect.  They also have a clownish and hilarious streak that will certainly light up the moments that you will share with these beauties.

When handling the Frenchies, it is however important to show some leadership. We always advise pet owners to be firm but very composed. Show authority but be calm and friendly. You will need to realize some balance when you correcting bad behavior. Don’t let them take charge or develop any aggressive behavior. Dogs will always look up to human beings, so always show some leadership; reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.

Our prospective pet owners must however be prepared to dig deeper into their pockets as our little canine companion is a very high maintenance friend given their myriad of health complications. For example, it is not advised that you take them on strenuous exercises. A light walk on daily basis will be sufficient. This is because they have heart and respiratory problems. Since Frenchies are brachycephalic, they have a problem controlling their body temperatures due to their short muzzles.  During summer, you can keep them indoors or buy them cool coats to help them in keeping cool and protect them from heat strokes. In winter you can buy them dog coats to help them in keeping warm. Other common health conditions that they are likely to have include infections in the eyes, spinal cord, joints or the heart and a regular health check is thus recommended.

You can find great colors such as fawns, cream, black, honey fawns, black and tan or black and white amongst the’s awesome puppies. Explore our available French bulldog puppies for sale in Mississippi for your favorite puppy and get in touch with is so that we can learn more about you and tell you more about our cute puppies!

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