French bulldogs in missouri

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French bulldog puppies in Missouri

Looking for some handsome puppies in Missouri? Welcome to, the website dedicated to our all time favorite pets, the Frenchies. We are one of the top breeders and sellers of the Frenchies in Missouri.  If you are shopping for this handsome beast in Missouri, then you might care to check out some of the prettiest French bulldogs for sale in Missouri. With our experience in breeding, you are certainly assured of some top puppies of great pedigree and with perfect conformation. We are so much in love with our Frenchies that we devote a great deal of time in researching and ensuring we employ top quality breeding methods to give quality Frenchie puppies that you can only find from us.’s French bulldog puppies are bred by some of the most experienced vets in the industry who command a great deal of respect in raising top quality well socialized puppies. Companionship is their most admirable trait. They are very devoted companions with a great deal of loyalty towards their owners. Children will love them not only because they complement well with them but for their hilarious and mischievous antics.

Frenchies score high in the intelligence area. This is another plus in owning one. They are highly adaptable and trainable canine companions. That means you will have an easier time showing them new tricks.  You can also take them to dog parks where they will easily socialize with other dogs. It is important however to keep them from pools as they are not very good swimmers due to their body shape-small compact boy with heavy bones and a big square head.

When dealing with the Frenchies, it is important to show some authority and nip any aggressive or controlling behavior, in the bud. You must never show meekness when dealing with the Frenchies otherwise you will give them an opportunity to grow some horns. As many vets and Frenchie breeders will time and again recommend to you, maintain the normal human canine relationship and communication when handling Frenchies. That involves you giving orders and showing some leadership.

Due to a host of health complications that they are prone to, it is important to note that these handsome puppies are relatively high maintenance. You will need to take them for regular checkups for conditions commonly occurring in this breed including spinal cord, joint, eyes or heart infections.  Other major complications you are likely to face with your Frenchies include heart complications and problems with heat regulation.

Exposing them to extreme and exhausting exercise could be fatal due to their heart problems. A short walk is generally recommended but these pets are better off staying at home and relaxing in the house.  Extreme conditions can also be fatal for the Frenchies. Instead you must strive at all times to ensure that the French bulldogs are within tolerable temperatures. During the summers, they are a huge risk of heat strokes and pet owners can take action to alleviate this by buying cool coats or taking the Frenchies to wading pools to keep them cool. Keeping them in cool conditions indoors is also an excellent option. Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. However, the French bulldogs are brachycephalic with short muzzles which do not make for efficient body temperature regulation.


Visit and get pretty puppies with great variety of colors including fawns, fawn pieds, red fawns, honey fawns, black brindles, black and tan, black and white and cream. You will also find breeds of available French bulldogs for sale in Missouri. Call our vets to arrange for a small meeting before we hand our pretty furry companions over to you.


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