French bulldogs in montana

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French Bulldog Puppies for sale in Montana

Looking for some top quality French bulldogs of great pedigree and good temperament in Montana? You can find them at  As a top breeder and seller of the Frenchies not only in Montana but throughout the US, we certainly have something for everyone amongst our Frenchie breeds. We adhere to the highest breeding standards possible and command great respect in the French bulldog breeding industry.

We select our customers carefully in order to ensure that our Fantastic Frenchies land in the best homes possible where they can build new lifelong relationships. We have done a great deal in raising our happy puppies and we work just hard in ensuring they are raised in loving homes. If you are looking for a French bulldog puppy for sale in Montana, you will be benefiting not just from careful breeding by an experienced and safe hand in dog breeding but the extra frills that come with buying from a top French bulldog breeder. That includes lifetime support, plenty of information about caring for the Frenchies and highly personalized customer service.

These puppies have some amazing traits. People don’t just love the Frenchies for nothing. They are great companions with a hilarious and easy going temperament. They make kids happy and are even protective of kids. You will also love their clownish nature…certainly something to light up your home.

Frenchies are also much loved due to their fierce intelligence. We all love intelligent dogs, don’t we. No one wants a dog that will take eons to train and learn new tricks. Our puppies are intuitive learners and retain the Frenchies legendary cognitive abilities. They are well socialized and relate remarkably with people. We recommend that you take them to dog parks in Montana so that they can also socialize with other dogs.  Due to their sturdy, heavy bone, compact build and their big square heads, they are not good swimmers and it is important to avoid pools, both at home and in parks. Give them light food but vary it. Variety is very important in the care of Frenchies as our canine companions are foodies. They love great tastes. Pet friendly restaurants will b awesome for them.

French are indoor dogs with some health complications and diverse needs and are generally high maintenance. The common conditions for which you should take them for regular check up at the vet’s include spinal, joint, heart or eye infections. Infections need to be treated early or they may be fatal. Light exercises are recommended due to their heart and respiratory problems. Since they are brachycephalic, they have difficulty breathing – the way for dogs to cool down body temperature. Remember that dogs do not sweat. Their short muzzle makes for an efficient heat regulation system. In summer, you can shield them from potentially fatal heat strokes by buying them cool coats or taking them to wading pools to cool off excess heat.

Our fantastic Frenchies are available in many awesome colors including black brindle, cream, black and white, honey fawns, fawn pieds, red fawns and much more. If you are interested in having one of our puppies as your canine companion, then we are also interested in having a chat with you as we care about our potential pet owners as much as we care for our pretty little Frenchies.

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