French bulldogs in Nebraska

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French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Nebraska

Looking for a great canine companion to develop a strong bond with you? Something that is perfect for an apartment living? You certainly need the French bulldog or the Frenchies as they are affectionately called. And at, we are the Frenchie specialists. We supply some of the healthiest puppies to families throughout the US including Nebraska. If you are looking for some fantastic French bulldog puppies for sale in Nebraska, then don’t forget to take a look at our happy puppies.

Our experienced pairs of hands afford families the best that they looking out for in puppies. So why should you buy your puppies from For one, they are perfectly socialized and have a great temperament. With our sound breeding techniques and good veterinarian experience, you are unlikely to find puppies with any genetic defects as we do thorough health checks and screening to ensure on the healthiest of our puppies reach pet owners. We also have a rich option of happy puppy colors that normally meet the preferences of every prospective pet owner who drops by looking for a great canine companion.

Enjoy the companionship. Why else would you acquire a Frenchie? Of course they make great companions.  They love all the attention that you shower on them and they are quite devoted to their owners. They take devotion to whole new level. If you have kids, you will certainly love the special bonds that Frenchies develop with kids.

They make for very cute and intelligent puppies. These little pups and the French bulldogs in general are well known for their great intelligence. That implies an easier time for you in training your dog and showing it some new tricks.  When socializing with your puppy, ensure you don’t over pamper it or overlook any alpha aggressive behavior.  Any wayward behavior must be punished; remember that the Frenchies are experts at exploiting meekness.

Frenchies are generally high maintenance pets as you will realize as they are prone to certain illnesses. For example, spinal cord, joints, heart and eye infections are pretty common. Your Frenchie will also need less taxing exercises due to their difficulty in breathing and controlling their body temperatures.  The French bulldogs are brachycephalic i.e. they have flat faces. Because dogs control body temperature by breathing through their mouths to let the cool air in, the brachycephalic are at a disadvantage as they have small surface area for accomplishing this as opposed to dogs with long muzzles. As a result, they should be kept away from conditions of extreme temperatures. For example, during the summers, it is important to shield them from heat strokes by keeping them indoors or buying them cooling equipment like cool coats or taking them to wading pools.  During winters, a dog coat will be sufficient.

You will also need to keep them away from the pool since they are bad swimmers as a result of their body shape which consists of a small compact bone heavy body and big square heads. has a great collection of happy cute as button Frenchie puppies of diverse colors ranging from cream to black.

Check out our available French bulldogs for sale in Nebraska and give us a call to discuss how we can make it a part of your family.

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