French bulldogs in New York

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French bulldog puppies in New York

Looking for French bulldogs for sale in New York? Welcome to one of the most respected French bulldog breeders in NY. has an amazing litter from some of the best French bulldog breeds. We breed happy puppies with great temperament and pedigree. Our quality of dog breeding in NY means we send our very healthy puppies to loving homes to begin their long lives amongst loving owners. Our French bulldogs for sale in NY come with many of the features that you can find in the best bred Frenchies. They are happy, companionable, caring and affectionate. They also display the perfect sturdy, bone heavy and compact build of the extant French bulldogs. That is why we have gotten awesome feedback over the years from families in NY to whom we have shipped these lovely furry canine companions.

If you are considering acquiring one of the Frenchies from our kennel, it would be important to learn more about the great quality of these awesome companions. Frenchies are very loving and devoted pets. With the well socialized Frenchies like those in’s kennel, you can have a puppy that will give you boundless joy and will be perfect with kids.

Our puppies are well trained and their intelligence means that you can show them additional skills with much ease. When training them or socializing with them, we always advice that you show some leadership. It is important to be very strict with untoward behavior but also very calm in the way that you handle them.  The puppies may develop aggressive alpha behavior if you do not give them sufficient guidance.

You will admire Frenchies for their cleanliness. This is another important reason why they make such perfect indoor companions. They don’t play in puddles and it is important to take care when you take them to dog parks with pools. They do not swim due to their body shapes consisting of big square heads and heavy bones.

Our puppies can however be high maintenance pets like all French bulldogs. Even the most well raised Frenchies have health complications that can result from spinal cord, joints or eye infections. With the Frenchies, you vet bill might be a little on the higher side. Additionally they have respiratory problems and should thus not be subjected to a lot of exercises. A short walk in the New York weather will be adequate.

Frenchies being brachycephalic dogs, with flat faces, will have difficulty regulating their body temperature. Dogs sweat somewhere between their toes but with their feet also being used for walking, they pant a lot to eliminate excess heat. With brachycephalic dogs, the flat face means there is smaller surface area to expel the excess heat from the body. As a result, the French bulldogs can easily be affected by heat strokes. During summer, you can buy them some cool coats or heat pads to wick away excess heat from their body surface. In winter, buy them some warm dog coats to ensure they are kept warm. has a great choice of colors in the kennel including black, black brindle, cream, fawns and much more to meet every buyer’s needs. Check out our available French bulldog puppies for sale in NY for information on the best puppies that you can find in NY. Give us a call or drop us an email if you are impressed with any of our puppies.


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