French bulldogs in NM

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French bulldog puppies in New Mexico

Get some awesome French bulldog puppies for sale in New Mexico at the Frenchies are the most awesome of dogs that you can have around you. They are wonderful companion dogs that love a lot of human contact. They are great for apartment living or home living.  At, we breed some of the best quality French bulldogs that you can find anywhere. We have sound foundation breeds that ensure every successive generation of our French bulldogs are of better pedigree. We sell our breeds throughout the US including in New Mexico. We hope you will enjoy our site and the wealth of information that we provide about our beloved Frenchies. If you are impressed by any of our pretty Frenchies, you can get in touch us and we will ship the puppy to your home in great condition to begin a new life as the newest member of your family.

If you are still unsure about whether to acquire our Frenchies, then we will give you more information about these cute as button pups together with tips on how you can take care of them. They demand a lot of human companionship but any family can manage keeping them. Another of their more admirable traits is their great temperament. Frenchies are wonderful happy living dogs with a great devotion to the owner. If you have kids, then they will have a great time with these French bulldogs.  It is important for any of the prospective pet owners who have their eyes on the Frenchies to be very calm but also stern in the way in which they raise them. These dogs are likely to exploit any sign of weakness. If you however show some leadership and display that you are the senior partner in this relationship, then you will enjoy a perfect companionship with the Frenchies.

There is some maintenance cost associated with the Frenchies due to a myriad of complications that typically affect this breed. A regular visit to the vet is thus highly recommended. You can take them on short daily exercises but ensure they are not exposed to anything strenuous. For the pups, strenuous exercises could be fatal due to their respiratory complications.

Caution should also be observed when it comes to the conditions in which they are kept. It is highly recommended for conditions of extreme temperature to be avoided.  This is because the Frenchies are brachycephalic. This means that they have flat faces and thus a smaller surface area for regulating their body temperature. In the summer, due to the risks of heat strokes, it is important to focus on keeping them cool. You can accomplish this by keeping them indoor or buying them cooling tools or gear including cool coats and cooling pads. You may also take them to wading pools where they can cool off the excess heat.  Buy them some warm dog coats in the winter to keep them warm.  Generally, the Frenchies are made for a life inside the house. has true French bulldogs with the big square head and flat faces together with their bat ears.  Our pups live very long thanks to the high standards that we adhere to during their breeding and they come in diverse colors. Visit our page on the French bulldogs for sale in New Mexico and check out if you can find some happy pups that you love.

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