French bulldogs in North Carolina

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French bulldog puppies for sale in North Carolina

Hello, and welcome to, the best website on the web where you can browse and find some of the best bred Frenchies for sale in North Carolina. Frenchies are our first love and we take a great deal of care to ensure that they stay happy, healthy and with perfect temperament.  We have been in love with them for many years and breeding them is what we do best. Our Frenchies are of great pedigree and conformation.  We choose our foundation breeds very carefully to ensure we have puppies for you that are of sound health. Since we have devoted all our attention to the Frenchies, we have an undivided attention and love in raising our pups to be happy, caring companions. They are great for your apartment.

Finding Frenchies for sale in North Carolina might seem like a difficult task but not anymore with In addition to breeding our puppies to the highest standards and working hard to improve the breeds every year, we also spend a lot of time educating the public about the merits of owning the Frenchies. For the last 100 years, these small compact dogs with flat faces have been great companions. They keep many families happy with their hilarious and funny antics and they are also very good with the kids.  Show some authority and leadership when handling them and you should be on your way to an enjoyable relationship with one of the most loving pets that you can ever find.

Frenchies generally keep very clean and socialize well with other pets. They are foodies and love good food. Don’t make the diet boring. Give them something unique every day and they will develop a great appetite. It is also advisable to take them to pet friendly restaurants regularly for some unique and exotic tasting.

Exercises will need to be mild as they have some respiratory complications. For the puppies, limit the exercise to light walks as strenuous exercises involving lots of running and jumping could be fatal. Given that the French bulldogs are brachycephalic, it is also advised that you keep them in tolerable conditions. Avoid extreme temperature conditions.  During summer when they might be at risk of suffering from heat strokes, you will need to take steps to aid them with cooling. Some of the techniques that are used by many Frenchie owners include buying them cool coats and heat pads.  In winter, buying them some warm coats will be perfect for ensuring that they are kept warm and comfortable. With great care and regular check up, the Frenchies can live up to 14 years and make great long term companions.

Check out the pictures at the kennel and you will find some awesome pups that come in a range of colors including black brindle, cream, fawns, fawn pieds, honey fawns, black and white and much more. For more information on available French bulldog puppies for sale in North Dakota, drop us an email and we will have a talk about our puppies.

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