French bulldogs in North Dakota

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French bulldog puppies in North Dakota

Are you after some pleasant loving canine companion for your home in North Dakota? Well you can certainly find it at We breed some of the most loveable canine companions that you can ever find in the name of French bulldogs. We have French bulldog puppies for sale in North Dakota for families looking forward to establishing lifelong relationships with one of the most loyal and devoted dog breeds on the planet.  As one of the top breeders of the Frenchies in the US, we ship our little furry friends throughout the US including North Dakota.

Frenchies are quite remarkable dogs. For the last century, they have ruled our pet choices and remain some of the most preferred pets in many US homes. They have many beautiful qualities that endear them close to our hearts. Key amongst their much admired qualities is their great sense of devotion and companionship. They make perfect companions and are also great with kids.  Show some authority when handling the Frenchies, and never reward any wayward behavior. Our Frenchie puppies are relatively very well socialized and it will take you very short time to give them some good orientation and house train them. Frenchies being relatively intelligent dogs, it will take you a short time to show them some new tricks too.

They also socialize well with other dogs. You can take them to dog parks and let them meet and socialize with other puppies supervised. They generally keep very clean and avoid puddles. It is also important to note that they are not good swimmers due to their body build. Their small compact bodies with big heads are a hindrance to swimming and they are likely to drawn if left unsupervised near pools.

Prospective owners should also be aware of the various health complications that Frenchies face ranging from joint and eye infections to respiratory complications.  Strenuous exercises can be fatal for the French bulldog puppies and adults alike. Generally, it is advisable to engage in light exercises with them. Avoid jumping exercises and running as these could be fatal. Frenchies are not outdoors dogs. They are perfect for apartment living. So if you have no issue with your furry companion staying on your couch or resting on your bed, then our little frog dogs will be perfect for you.

Their health complications mean you might need to make a few trips to the vet for regular checkups. Since Frenchies are also brachycephalic dogs, with short faces, they will have trouble controlling their body temperature and it is advisable to avoid temperature extremes when taking care of our little puppies.  For the biting cold North Dakotan winters, you can buy them warm dog coats and keep them warm indoors. In the summer, they are at a risk of heat strokes and you must take extra steps to ensure you assist them with the cooling. For example, it is advised that you buy them cool coats or heat pads. You may also take them to wading pools where they can cool off the excess heat. has a kennel of fantastic French bulldog puppies for sale in North Dakota that you can choose and take home. Colors range from black brindle to cream.  Give us a call or drop us an email if you are impressed with any of our fantastic Frenchies.

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