French bulldogs in ohio

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Ohio

Get some healthy and well socialized French bulldog puppies for sale in Ohio with  We have great puppies raised in a perfect atmosphere and well socialized so that they fit into any home. Our Frenchies have grown in a loving atmosphere and have been cared for by vets who are highly respected in the industry. As a pet owner, you will be getting pets with perfect temperament and those that are a product of some of the highest standards of breeding.

If you are still unsure on whether French bulldog puppies are the best pets for you, we can give you additional information on these fantastic Frenchies in order to help you gain deeper insight about them. Their key attraction is their awesome personality. For over a century, the Frenchies have been kept as companion dogs in many strata of the society thanks to their legendary devotion and loyalty. They are also terrific with children. With patience and good leadership, you can mould them into the best pets that you can have around you. Frenchies are perfect for an indoors environment. If you are comfortable with your dog sitting on your coach or on your bed, then the Frenchies are the perfect pets for you.

French bulldogs generally keep very clean. They are however not very good swimmers due to their body build that includes a big head and a small compact body. You can also teach them new skills with much ease since they are very quick learners.  Give them some variety in diet as our foodies will get bored relatively fast with a monotonous diet. A visit to a pet friendly restaurant is highly recommended in order to reward them with some exotic diets. Frenchies rarely bark but will bark when there is a valid cause, for example when they want to alert you of presence of a stranger.

You will need to monitor them closely as the Frenchies are prone to certain health complications. For example, some of the common ailments that afflict the Frenchies include joints, heart and eye infections.  Frenchies only require mild exercises due to their heart condition. You therefore need to avoid taking them through strenuous exercises which may be fatal in many instances.

Because the Frenchies are brachycephalic, they will have difficulty regulating their body temperatures.  This is because their flat faces do not present sufficient surface area to facilitate the cooling of the body.  You must therefore ensure that they are kept in tolerable temperature conditions.  During summer, steps must be taken to ensure that the dogs stay cool. There is a lot of summer gear that you can buy for them to help them stay cool including cool coats and cooling pads.  A warm winter coat should see them through the winter.

Check out list of Frenchie puppies for sale in Ohio that come in a variety of colors including cream, black and tan, black and brindle, fawns and much more. If you have fallen in love with any of our puppies, give us a call and let us have a talk about our Fantastic Frenchies.

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