French bulldogs in Oklahoma

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Oklahoma has an awesome collection of French bulldog puppies for sale from our healthy kennel.  With breeding standards that adhere to the highest standards, and a reputation that is widely respected by peers, we have consistently delivered very terrific and cute puppies to families in Oklahoma for many years. Our puppies are widely admired because they are healthy and very well socialized. They also have a very good temperament.

There are many reasons why the Frenchies are some of the most admired pets amongst pet owners.  They are companion dogs and are loved for their devotion and loyalty. For the last century, many pet owners have kept Frenchies because of these very admirable qualities which also include obedience and a hilarious and funny personality.  It is for this reason why the Frenchies are also perfect with kids.

Frenchies are very intelligent dogs and also very easy to train. takes just a few days to potty litter box train them. You will also love the Frenchies’ ease of learning new skills. You can teach them many tricks and you will be amazed at their cognitive ability.

French bulldogs generally keep very clean.  You will need to keep them from pools of water since they are not great swimmers.  This is mostly due to their body structure which is compact and with a heavy bone set.  Their diets need to be very well varied and serving a monotonous diet on a daily basis will bore them off. If you need any information on the best diets that you can give your Frenchies, you can get in touch with our breeders who can supply with very valuable information about the best diets that you can offer these awesome canine companions.

French bulldogs could be very high maintenance pets mainly due to their health complications. Many of these complications are related to their body build.  Regular visits to the vet for checkups are thus advised.  Exercises ought to be mild but regular even though the Frenchies prefer resting and relaxing with you indoors to taking some strenuous walk in the park. Putting puppies through strenuous exercises could even be fatal due to the fact that they have respiratory complications.

Pet owners should also watch out when they live in places with extreme temperatures. The Frenchies will have difficulty controlling their body temperatures due to the fact that they are brachycephalic. They have flat faces that do not allow for very efficient temperature regulation. There are steps that you will therefore need to take to ensure their temperatures are within tolerable levels. For example, in summer, you can buy them cooling gear to protect them from heat strokes. In winters, you can buy them warm dog coats to keep them warm or keep them indoors most of the time.

You can find Frenchies with lots of awesome colors at including cream, black and tan, black and white, fawns, or fawn pieds. Whatever you need, you can certainly find it in our kennel which consists of very happy puppies.  Check our available French bulldog puppies for sale in Oklahoma and give us a call or drop us an email.

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