French bulldogs in Oregon

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French bulldog puppies in Oregon has some of the prettiest French bulldog puppies for sale in Oregon. We are a top breeder and are highly respected in the industry. Our happy puppies have ended up in many homes in Oregon where they are building lifelong relationships and adding a great deal of happiness to many families. The breeding of our puppies adheres to the highest standards possible in order to meet industry benchmarks. Buying from us will give you healthy and well socialized French bulldog puppies with great conformation and good pedigree. The puppies have been prescreened and tested for any genetic defects and health complications. This adherence to quality has left many of our past clients impressed with the puppies that we ship to them and they have given us very good feedback regarding our puppies.

So why should you own a Frenchie? Are there any complications that you will face in raising any of our puppies? Are there any health complications that you should be aware of? If you are asking yourself these many questions, then will certainly help you along with some answers. The Frenchies are the most popular and perhaps amongst the most loved companion dogs. They have been our preferred companion dogs for much of the last century due to many qualities that endear them to many pet lovers. They are some of the most devoted dogs and with great temperament. They also have a hilarious funny streak that will put a smile on your face even in the harshest of times. Frenchies are generally excellent with kids.

The great advantage of buying from is that you are buying some of the best socialized puppies.  Added to their intelligence, the combination will give you a very interesting companion. The puppies learn very fast. Whether you are potty litter box training them or showing them new tricks, our fantastic Frenchies are very much up to it. They also keep very clean. Keep them from swimming pools and other large pools of water. Since they generally love socializing with both dogs and human beings, you can take them to dog parks but keep them under close supervision. Ensure they enjoy some varied diets; a few visits to some dog friendly restaurants are highly recommended in order to give them some exotic tastes.

Frenchies suffer from various health complications including respiratory and heart diseases. Exercises are OK but in moderation. You can take them for a light walk in the evening. More demanding exercises are not advised and can even be fatal. As brachycephalic dogs, Frenchies are not very good at regulating their body temperatures. It is therefore important to take steps to help them in keeping their body temperatures within manageable levels. In summer, you can forestall the possibility of heat strokes by buying them cooling gear. In winter, you can buy them warm coats to help them keeping warm.

Have a look at the Frenchie puppies for sale in Oregon that are available in’s kennel. The choice of colors will meet every pet owner’s requirements with colors ranging from black brindles to cream.

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