French bulldogs in Rhode Island

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French bulldog puppies in Rhode Island

Looking for some pleasant and well socialized French bulldog puppies in Rhode Island that have been raised by one of the most respected French bulldog breeders in the US? We offer just that. With a kennel of healthy and happy puppies that are well bred and have a good conformation, is a leader in breeding the Frenchies. Our terrific puppies are shipped not just in Rhode Island but throughout the US. They have been thoroughly screened for any health or genetic defects to ensure only the healthiest make it out of our kennel to the thousands of pet owners eagerly waiting for them. Apart from breeding and selling, we also provide a lot of tips to pet owners on how they can adequately care for our fantastic puppies.

Frenchies are good companion dogs. They are perfect for home living or apartment living. If you are ready to share your abode and your life with a fantastic and loving puppy that stays clean and loves you to bits, then the Frenchies are the pets for you. Fiercely devoted and obedient, these awesome pets are also great with kids. They are funny and have a hilarious or mischievous streak that will just light up your life.

The Frenchies are known for keeping very clean and thus perfect for an indoors life. They love variety in diet and you should make it point to give them unique food tastes to help them maintain their appetite. They love socializing with other dogs so a visit to the Dog Park or a pet friendly restaurant will certainly do.  It is however important to ensure that they are under close supervision. Since they are very bad swimmers, the Frenchies should be kept away from pools of water. This handicap can be attributed to their small compact frames with heavy square heads.

You can find a great choice of colors for the Frenchies that vary from brindles to fawns and pieds to choose from at We recommend very light exercises due to their respiratory conditions. It is important to desist from putting the puppies through very strenuous exercises. In some instances, it could even be fatal.

Extreme temperature conditions are also not conducive for the Frenchies.  Ensure they are within tolerable temperature conditions since they have difficulty regulating their body temperatures as they are brachycephalic dogs. In summer, measures will need to be taken to ensure that they are protected from heat strokes. Several companies have wonderful cooling suits and cooling pads that will certainly protect them from excessive heat. For winters, you can buy them warm dog coats to protect them from hypothermia which could easily be fatal given their poor temperature regulation. With good and loving care, the Frenchies can live up to 14 years.

You can browse through’s amazing puppies and you will definitely fall in love with one of our cute as button happy puppies. If you are impressed with any of our French bulldog puppies for sale in Rhode Island, just drop us an email or give us a call to speak to our representative.

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