French bulldogs in South Carolina

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French bulldog puppies in South Carolina

Are you looking for happy and healthy French bulldog puppies for sale in South Carolina from one of the most trusted Frenchie breeders in the US? Welcome to! We are just what you are looking for as far as Frenchies go. With years of experience in the breeding of Frenchies and a strict adherence to quality in breeding, is one of the most respected French bulldog breeders. We have been doing this for a long time thanks to our love affair with the Frenchies, we have consistently delivered very happy puppies to very happy families in South Carolina. All our puppies have been prescreened and tested for any health or genetic defects that might cause you some headache. So getting one of our puppies will mean that you need to be dedicated and caring while also taking them to the vet on a regular basis.

French bulldogs have been very terrific companion dogs and for the last century, they have added some color to our lives. They are perfect for the indoors since the outdoors puts some strain on their lives. Besides, they are generally very clean so you will have no issue sharing your home with them.  French bulldogs are terrific with kids and they have a hilarious and funny nature. Quality of breeding determines level of temperament and while the Frenchies generally have very good temperament, our quality of breeding means you will get Frenchies with excellent temperament. If you need a great puppy with a pleasant personality, then our kennel is definitely worth a visit.

The diets should be varied. Don’t feed them on a monotonous daily serving. Once in a while, since you love the Frenchies as much as we do, take them to some restaurant and serve them a delectable dish. They socialize well with dogs too so a visit to a dog park well be highly recommended.  While Frenchies don’t generally bark, they will bark with a cause to alert you of an important issue.

Fantastic Frenchies’s puppies come in very varied colors. Our kennel has lots of brindles, fawns and pieds. We have something that will definitely appeal to every pet owner’s tastes amongst our gorgeous puppies.

If you need help and tips taking care of your puppies, you can contact us at any time for some sound advice. Generally things to note include the fact that Frenchies typically have certain health complications so they could be high maintenance. Some of the common health complications in this breed include joint, heart and eye infections. Additionally, Frenchies typically have respiratory complications. Avoid subjecting them to strenuous exercise regimes. A light walk in the evening will be sufficient. The dogs being brachycephalic, with flat faces, you will need to take steps to ensure that they are not exposed to temperature extremes as they have difficulty regulating their body temperature.  In the summer, with the risk of heat strokes, you can take steps to keep them cool by buying them various cooling gear. In winter, you can buy them very warm dog coats to keep them warm. You can also sit with them close to fireplaces or generally keep them indoors.

Check out our available French bulldog puppies for sale in South Carolina and you will definitely find some pretty Frenchies to light up your life.

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