French bulldogs in South Dakota

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French bulldog puppies for sale in South Dakota

Lots of awesome French bulldog puppies for sale in South Dakota are available on Just in case you are wondering who we are, we breed some of the most terrific and prettiest Frenchie pups of good pedigree and great conformation. We put a lot of emphasis on breeding the best quality and improving our breeds so that you can always find Fantastic Frenchies that are free of serious health and genetic defects. We have pure French breeds and nothing in between. You will find French bulldog puppies with a small and compact build with their characteristic big square head and flat faces. They have “bat ears” and the small smooth coats. They are also perfectly socialized and will have a very easy time seamlessly integrating into your home and building relationships with the members of your family.

The French bulldogs are pleasant companion dogs that are mild mannered and enjoy terrific relationships with human beings. They are generally very clean dogs and will enjoy staying indoors with you and sharing moments of your life. If you are very comfortable with sharing your home with your dog, then the Frenchies will be excellent for you. Their personality is very pleasant and they even have a hilarious streak. They are perfect with the children. Show some authority and leadership to forestall any untoward behavior in them.

The Frenchies are also very intelligent dogs and will generally master a lot of skills and tricks fairly fast. Besides, training them is quite easy. You will be amazed at the ease with which you can potty litter box train them or house train them. While they don’t generally bark a lot, they will bark for the right reason. They have extreme loyalty that can even border on the possessive.’s Frenchies are perfectly socialized. They socialize perfectly with both dogs and humans. Feel free to take them to dog parks where they can meet and socialize with other dogs. It is important to ensure that they are kept away from pools, both at home and outside, including in the dog park. This is because their body shape and build makes them some of the worst swimmers amongst the dog breeds.

Frenchies can be a little bit high maintenance if you compare them to other healthier dog breeds. They normally have heart and respiratory complications. Additionally, they are likely to have eye and joint infections. Regular visits to the vet are therefore highly recommended. You must not subject them to any strenuous exercises as this can have a detrimental effect on their health and at times, it could even be fatal.  Being brachycephalic dogs, it is also important that they are not subjected to conditions of temperature extremes. You must strive to ensure they are within tolerable temperature conditions in their daily lives. During summer when they are at a serious risk of heat strokes, you can buy them cooling gear such as cool coats or cooling pads or take them to wading pools after a long walk in the heat. In winter, you can buy them very warm winter dog coats to keep them warm and protect them from hypothermia.

Check out our impressive and gorgeous French bulldogs puppies for sale in South Dakota and you will definitely find some furry companion to make your life richer.

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