French bulldogs in Tennessee

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French bulldog puppies in Tennessee is a top breeder of French bulldog puppies. If you are looking for well bred and perfectly socialized French bulldog puppies for sale in Tennessee, then welcome home to one of the most respected Frenchie breeders. We have an experienced hand that has been handling the Frenchies for years and consistently strives to improve the quality of the breed. As a result, by buying from our kennel of happy cutest puppies, you will find puppies of top quality and great conformation. All our puppies undergo regular health checks and have been thoroughly screened for any serious health or genetic complications. Get to know why more and more pet lovers are crazy about our Fantastic Frenchies by giving us a call to arrange a visit to our kennel.

The French bulldog is one of the most adored of all dog breeds. It has a small compact build, with a big square head. It’s a brachycephalic dog with a flat face. The Frenchies also have a heavy bone set and “bat ears”. If you are looking for true Frenchies, you can certainly find them from us, a top breeder with extensive knowledge of this awesome breed. Pet owners also love their intelligent looking eyes; they might resemble the eyes of your former professor.

But they loved more for their admirable traits and temperament. The Frenchies make great companion dogs and you can certainly share your home with them. They are made for the indoors life. The outdoors is certainly not suited for their health conditions. You will love their companionable and loving nature. Frenchies are very devoted dogs, and sometimes this devotion borders on the possessive. They are also perfect with children and are hilarious and mischievous. They know how to put a smile on your face. Frenchies rarely bark; they only bark when it is absolutely necessary, with your safety and attention in mind.

The French bulldogs are very intelligent dogs and have no problem learning new tricks. They will pass house training with flying colors.  Our perfectly socialized pups do not shy away from socializing with both dogs and humans alike. Feel free to take them to dog parks and let them socialize under supervision. Additionally, give them some variety in diet. Give them very light food but ensure that there is enough variety.

The French bulldogs are generally a high maintenance dog breed.  You will need to take them for a regular check up by a vet. Some of the common complications that you are likely to encounter include joint and eye infections. Additionally they will have respiratory problems and problems with the regulation of their body temperatures since they are brachycephalic and their flat faces present a smaller surface area for drawing in cool air. In summer, buy them some cooling gear while in winter, you can buy them warm dog coats. offers great variety in Frenchie colors including fawns, pieds and brindles. Look out for our available French bulldog puppies for sale in Tennessee and you will certainly find something that suits you.

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