French bulldogs in Texas

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Texas

Looking for a French bulldog breeder in Texas? Welcome to, one of the most trusted Frenchies breeders and sellers in Texas and throughout the US.  With a reputation of adhering to the highest quality standards in our breeding, you can trust our safe pair of hands with many years of experience breeding the bulldogs to deliver some of the healthiest and happiest Frenchies that you will find anywhere. Our Frenchies have been prescreened for any adverse health and genetic defects. As a result, our kennel will deliver puppies in top form with perfect conformation and temperament. We are also on hand to help you with any tips on caring for your puppies to ensure they stay at their healthiest.

By carefully choosing our foundation breeds, we have ensured that our buyers will have true Frenchies with their small compact bodies, flat faces, bat ears and big square heads. Our Frenchies have a superb personality and are excellently socialized. They will have little difficulty socializing with dogs in your favorite dog park. Their excellent personality makes them great companion dogs that you can comfortably stay with indoors. They are also very good with children and have a funny streak to put a smile on your face.  While they rarely bark, they will bark when it is necessary. They are very loyal dogs that are also admired for their great devotion to their owners.

Frenchies are intelligent dogs and you should have little difficulty showing them new skills.  It will be a very good idea to give them a variety in diet. Once in a while, treat them to some delectable dishes but in small proportions. Dog parks are perfect for them but always remember that they belong first and foremost inside your home. Since they are such poor swimmers due to their body shapes, it is advised that you keep them away from pools both at home and outside home as they might drown.

You will need to monitor them closely as the French bulldogs are prone to certain health complications. A periodic health check by vets is highly recommended. Some of the health complications that you are likely to grapple with will be of respiratory or cardiovascular nature. Due to this, it is important to limit exercises to a minimum. A short walk will be sufficient to meet their exercise needs. Additionally, as Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs, it is advisable to ensure that they are kept within tolerable temperature limits. Extreme temperature conditions will be detrimental to their health conditions. In summer, you must take steps to help them cool off the excess heat by buying them various cooling gear. In winter, emphasis must be placed on keeping them warm and protecting them from hypothermia by keeping them indoors in warm atmosphere or buying them some warm winter dog coats. has some awesome choices of colors for our Frenchies including brindles, fawns and pieds. Browse around our impressive French bulldog puppies for sale in Texas and you will certainly find a terrific puppy to light up your home.

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