French bulldogs in Vermont

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Vermont has some of the best French bulldog puppies for sale in Vermont. If you are looking for true Frenchies of good pedigree and with a perfect conformation, then you will need to look at Fantastic Frenchies. Screened for genetic and health complications, our Frenchies are some of the healthiest and happiest that you can find anywhere.

We look forward to welcoming you to our happy kennel so that you can pick any of our happy pups for yourself. We call them fantastic Frenchies because they are just fantastic. They are well socialized and make perfect companions. They are also devoted to their owners and are quite hilarious, or cheeky. The temperament is perfect and you will just fall in love with them.  If you have children, you will appreciate at how well they socialize with kids.

Due to their intelligence, they learn new skills relatively fast. You can teach them a lot of tricks in a relatively short time.  It takes a very short time to potty litter box train them so we can imagine it will take you only  a few days to house train them. Frenchies are also very clean dogs and are generally very obedient if you can learn to show some leadership when working with them.  Do not show them any weakness or you might give them room to develop some aggressive alpha behavior which will definitely not be in your interest. They only bark with a reason, otherwise they are generally very quiet dogs. You can comfortably live with them indoors. They are perfect for those who don’t mind sharing their homes with their canine companions. You will certainly enjoy their presence given that Frenchies are fiercely loyal dogs.

Minimal exercises are recommended due to a series of health complications that affect this dog breed. You can take them to dog parks where they can socialize with other dogs. Our puppies are perfectly socialized and are very comfortable socializing with both humans and other dogs. Given that the Frenchies are very poor swimmers due to their body structure, keep them far from pools of water both at home and outside the home.  The diet should be varied; avoid giving same food day in day out as this might easily bore them off leading to a loss of appetite.

Taking care of the Frenchies might come with some responsibility however. For example, you will need to take them for regular checkups at a vet’s since they are prone to certain health conditions including joint, eye and heart complications. Also, being brachycephalic dogs, the Frenchies may have difficulty controlling their body temperature and must be kept within tolerable limits. Temperature extremes could be fatal and it is important to take some precautionary steps in summer or winter to ensure that they are not exposed temperature extremes that may cause heat strokes in summer or hypothermia during winters. has some great puppies that come in very rich colors including brindles, fawns and pieds. Check out our page on French bulldog puppies for sale in Vermont and you will certainly find something that you will love.

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