French bulldogs in Virginia

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia

Lots of fabulous French bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia are available from the’s fantastic kennel of very happy puppies. Coming from a tradition of top quality breeding by one of the most experienced French bulldog breeders in the US, we offer prospective pet owners puppies that are cute and healthy. We adhere to the strictest standards in breeding and we strive to improve the breeds in every possible way, something that has earned us the respect of the industry.  Buying from assures you of prescreened and pre tested puppies that are also well socialized and ready to be a part of loving families looking forward to adopt the pets.

So why do we love our Frenchies so much and why should you consider adopting them? The French bulldog is one of the most adored dogs. They derive their names from the fact that they were once much preferred in the French society circles in the 19th century and French society ladies would carry these lovely companions to social occasions. Today, they remain much loved mostly because they make such great companion dogs.  Today, they remain some of the most pleasant dogs to keep around because they make such perfect companions together with other admirable qualities that they have. You can easily recognize them from their compact bodies, square heads and flat faces.  They come in various colors including brindles, fawns and pieds. In our kennel, you will find French bulldog puppies with colors ranging from black brindles, black and tan, black and white, honey fawns and much more.

They are generally intelligent dogs and you should have no hassles showing them the ABCs. Ensure they are well supervised so that they do not develop any untoward behavior. With Frenchies, you have to be a good steward instead of waiting for chips to fall into place and they will make very pleasant companions.  There will be in need for some variety in diet. Exercises should be minimal as extreme exercises could cause problems given their healthy complications.  Since our pups are generally very well socialized, they will have little problem blending into your home or socializing with other canines.  They generally keep very clean, a fact which also makes them perfect canine companions. When you are taking them on a stroll, ensure that the Frenchies are well supervised. They are very poor swimmers due to their body shapes and will most likely drown in large pools of water.

Frenchies generally have health complications that you will need to watch out for. For example, during summer, it is important to keep them from excessive heat and protect them from heat strokes by buying them various cooling gear or taking them to wading pools if you must take them outdoors. In winters, you can purchase some warm dog coats to keep them warm and cozy.

Explore some of our available French bulldogs for sale in Virginia and you will definitely find a happy pup that will be a perfect match for your home.

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