French bulldogs in West Virginia

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French bulldog puppies for sale in West Virginia

Are you thinking of getting a French bulldog for sale soon in West Virginia and are unsure about where to start? Well, why don’t you start by checking out’s kennel which has very attractive puppies that are well socialized and have excellent conformation? We are one of the most respected Frenchie breeders and that is not for nothing considering the effort we put into breeding our French bulldogs to ensure our adoptive families have the Frenchie pups of their dreams. We have been doing this for years and we are experienced not just in the breeding part but in the socialization of the dogs in order to make their entry into your home as smooth as possible.

If you feel you are ready to take on any of our Frenchie pups, then we will certainly show you how to go about this process and choose a pet that is companionable and loving. Known for their devotion, the Frenchies can be great with your kids and are generally very playful dogs that can also be quite funny. We take great steps to ensure they are well socialized including introducing to other animals that are likely to be in your home including cats and chickens.  When you acquire them, you will find a pup with excellent social skills. Owning a Frenchie can be a very exciting experience and you ought not to miss out on their love and attention. They have been everyone’s favorite companion dogs and we are working hard to maintain that tradition by working hard to ensure that you get puppies that will be true companions.  We have tested and prescreened the pups thoroughly before taking them to their adoptive parents to ensure that they can have an awesome time with our pups and the feedback that we got has convinced us that we are doing the right thing with our puppies.

The Frenchies are generally intelligent dogs and you should have little difficulty training them and showing them a few tricks. It takes a very short time to potty train them and we can easily imagine that you will not struggle in your socialization with the Frenchies. In any case, our phone lines are always open in case you have any difficulty with raising our Fantastic Frenchies.  It is important that you vary the diet as these foodies will certainly not tolerate any monotonous feeding habits. Additionally, ensure that you socialize them well. While we have tried our best to give them perfect temperament and personality, we hope that you will do an even better job in socializing them and making them great pets. After all, you will be entering into a long term commitment with our Frenchies as soon as we transfer our fantastic puppies to your home. Frenchies are not good swimmers due to their top heavy bodies so ensure that they are not left close to pools.

We recognize that many adoptive homes will have to grapple with some common health complications that affect the Frenchies.  Keep the exercises to a minimum due to their heart and respiratory complications. In some cases, excessive exercises have been fatal. Please note that the Frenchies are generally indoor pets and are certainly not made for an outdoors life. The Frenchies being brachycephalic, it is important to shield them from temperature extremes such as extreme heat or extreme cold. In summer, you can buy them cooling gear or keep them in good air conditioned rooms to forestall any heat strokes that may affect them. During winters, you can buy them winter dig coats to protect them from hypothermia.

Check out our available French bulldog puppies for sale in West Virginia and you will certainly find a cute puppy to take home with you. If you are not impressed with any of our available puppies, feel free to join our waiting list and we will inform you when we have new Frenchie puppies for sale in West Virginia.

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