French bulldogs in Wisconsin

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Wisconsin

Feeling like getting some fantastic French bulldog puppies for your home? If you are then you are definitely in the right place. If you have been planning to buy French bulldog puppies for sale in Wisconsin then offers you a rich option of happy litters that will certainly satisfy your needs. Every year, we breed some of the best quality of Frenchie litters that you can find anywhere. With one of the most experienced hands in the industry in charge of our breeding process, we adhere to the strictest standards that ensure that every litter that we produce is of good quality and temperament. We also take steps to ensure that the litters are perfectly socialized and can fit perfectly in any home environment.   If you have pre-ordered any of our puppies, we can even allow you to prename them early so that you can use their names from earlier on as part of our socialization process. Our puppies are also thoroughly prescreened for any genetic defects or adverse health issues thus ensuring our adoptive homes can raise puppies happily and without any burdens. They have also been vaccinated and properly de-wormed to make sure they are in excellent health.

For over hundred years, the Frenchies have been our companion dogs and we have worked hard to ensure that the tradition continues. You will therefore love the nature of our pleasant Frenchies with their fierce loyalty and devotion. They could even be possessive. Such is their love once you have lovingly integrated them into your household. You will also love the special bonds that the Frenchies form with kids.  They are generally intelligent dogs and this will be manifested with the ease with which you can train them and show them new skills. Of course we will do the basics for you in the first few weeks by potty training them and teaching them how to socialize with other animals including cats and chickens, together with other dogs. French bulldogs are not the yappy type although they will bark occasionally but only when it is absolutely necessary.

Exercises are certainly recommended but make them as light as possible as those are the best exercises for their health. Always remember that the Frenchies are meant for life indoors. They can be perfect for apartment living. Their top heavy body build does not make them good swimmers so it is important to avoid pools of water as they are at risk of drowning from exhaustion as they attempt to swim. Ensure there is variety in their diet but give them food in small proportions. Our kennel will give you puppies that come in rich colors including fawns, brindles and pieds. You can find Frenchies from with colors ranging from the black brindles to cream colored pretty pups.

The French bulldogs might have some health complications that are common with their breed including joint, heart and eye infections so regular checkups at the vet are certainly recommended. Being brachycephalic dogs with flat faces, Frenchies have difficulty regulating their temperatures in extreme conditions. We highly recommend keeping them within tolerable conditions. In summer, good air conditioning or cooling gear is highly recommended to protect them from heat strokes. In winter, you can buy them warm dig coats or keep them indoors in heated rooms.

If you are ready to adopt one of our Frenchies, check out the available French bulldog puppies for sale in Wisconsin and give us a call or drop us an email if you are impressed with any of our puppies. If you are looking for something else, you can join our waiting list and we will certainly inform you when we have a new litter ready.

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