French bulldogs in Wyoming

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French bulldog puppies for sale in Wyoming

Ready for a Frenchie? It is time you took a look at our Fantastic French bulldog puppies for sale in Wyoming. is a highly respected Frenchie breeder with a rich kennel that offers some of the most beautiful Frenchies that you can ever find anywhere. Breeders and adoptive homes alike value our Frenchies because of their great pedigree and perfect temperament that makes our Frenchies such pleasant puppies to spend time with. We have achieved this not by accident but by consistent hard work aimed at improving the pedigree of our Frenchies and their general health. Led by one of the most experienced French bulldog breeders in the country, we work hard every day to meet and even surpass the expectations of many of our clients. We take great steps and a lot of effort to socialize the Frenchie pups by introducing them to other animals early. We want them to not just develop a great personality but also be great members of your family that respect not just you but other pets in your home. Our puppies are thoroughly screened for any genetic or health conditions. We have also vaccinated them and de-wormed them to ensure that they are in excellent health by the time you adopt them.

Frenchies are loved so much because they make great companion dogs and will certainly add a smile to your face with their sometimes funny behavior.  They have great personality and their devotion is legendary. Show some leadership when handling your Frenchies to ensure that they do not develop any aggressive behavior.  They are not the yappy kind which is another quality that makes them the perfect puppies; they will however bark if there is a good reason to do so. You will love the Frenchies general cleanliness.  So do not worry about sharing your home with them. Our puppies are very well socialized and will have an easy time socializing with other dogs and pets. So feel free to take them to dog parks so that they can socialize with other dogs. Caution must however be taken to keep them from pools since they do not make very good swimmers.

Frenchies are very intelligent dogs and you will have an easy time training them. We are already doing our part by potty litter box training them and we can certainly help you along if you need further help with dog training or house training.  They also hate monotonous diets so ensure that you are giving them some variety when feeding them.

The French bulldogs could be somewhat high maintenance when compared to other dogs because the breed normally has a host of health complications and regular vet checkups are certainly recommended. Don’t subject them to extreme exercises as they may do them more harm than good due to their delicate hearts and respiratory complications.  Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs with flat faces, and given that dogs regulate their temperature by panting, these flat faces make for very inefficient heat regulation when compared to the dogs with long muzzles. Pet owners must hence take steps to help them cool their body temperatures by helping them stay away from temperature extremes. In summer, an air conditioned room or cooling gear is highly recommended. Wading pools are also useful if you are taking them for a walk in the heat of a summer afternoon. In winter, you can keep them in rooms that are heated or buy them warm dog coats for the winters.

Have a look at our available French bulldog puppies for sale in Wyoming and give us a call if you chance on the Frenchie that you have been looking for. If you feel like you need to keep looking, you can join our waiting list and we will inform you when our litters are ready again for adoption.

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