French bulldogs for sale

Micro French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

~Bam~ Sable show male. DNA. ayaDd. Poss choco carrier


~Blue~ Blue male. DNA. ayadd. Poss choco gene


~Tator~ Black and Tan Trindle male. ayaDd.


~Bruno~ Blue fawn male. DNA. ayadd.


~Spike~ Ch sired show female poss choco gene.


~Tucker~ Ch. sired show male. Poss choco gene


French Bulldogs are some of the most loving dogs. They are loyal and caring and make great pets.

At Fantastic Frenchies we can hand-deliver your French Bulldog puppy directly. The Pup will arrive safe and sound to you.

We have some of the finest French Bulldogs for sale! French bulldog pups are smart and can easily be potty trained.

In Fact, Our puppies are paper trained by the time you get them. We also raise our puppies around children. This helps puppies easily adapt to their new home as well as their new family.

The search for the perfect french bulldog puppy for sale can be a very important decision. Unfortunately a lot of breeders over-breed their dogs and some even resort to breeding french bulldogs that are related to each other. This can cause some horrible genetic problems for french bulldogs.

At Fantastic Frenchies we have breeding french bulldogs for decades! We have the best European bloodlines you will find around. All of our puppies come with a health guarantee!

Pictures don't lie! Our puppies are cuter and have better stature than any other breeder.

We have several rare colored French bulldogs as well. We have Blue, Chocolate, Black and Tan, Lilac, and Merle. We also have your standard colors which are brindle, pied, and fawn.

We are here to answer all of your questions throughout the lifetime of your new dog. We are not going to just sell you a french bulldog puppy then ignore you like some other breeders do.

All of our puppies are happy and are raised around child and other animals!

We also will help spay and neuter your new frenchie.

Your new french bulldog will come up to date on all their current vaccinations.

We also hand deliver your new puppy to you, shipping not included in the cost of the puppy.

We can accept major credit cards and can also accept paypal.


Top Quality French Bulldog Puppies With Rare Color Genetics.


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