French Show Dog

French bulldog: Show Dog

French bulldogs are the trendy pets and show dogs. You need to be choosy and selective in making selection for the best dogs. These dogs lead a dual life and can be considered as amazing pets and highly valued ring dogs. When you think about selecting a Frenchie as a family pet, there are no hard and fast rules for the same.

Breed Standards of the Frenchie

The show dogs have to be particularly of the pure breed. It is essential to take into consideration about the dog specifications before enrolling them for any dog show. The club standards are given beforehand to the participants and they have to follow these things for getting the best move. The general rules of every club are same, but they might have one or two different requirements for dogs.

These qualities include:

Body proportion: The body of French bulldog must be proportioned evenly. It should be symmetrical in all the aspects. The frame should be muscular and compact in every way.

Size: The male French bulldog should not have weight higher than 28 pounds and the females must be in the range of 20-24 pounds. They are 10-12 inches in height with a balanced body.

Ears and Head: The shape of ears and head of the French bulldogs is different than all other varieties. The head is big and square shaped. The ears are flat and bat shaped. The nose should be black and the eyes should be dark.

Coating: The French bulldog should have a smooth coating with soft skin. The color is highly important for the show dogs and they must be in tan, brown, cream, pale or black color without any spots.

Legs: French bulldogs should have straight and short height. Front legs are smaller than the hind legs, which are wide.

Show quality standards must be checked beforehand to prepare the dog well for victory.


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